TGIF. It’s been such a long week with the 4th right in the middle. As we head into our weekend we need to pick up our Dirty Laundry first.

Andy Griffith Death Ruled A Heart Attack



Andy Griffith died from a heart attack, according to the death certificate obtained by TMZ. The actor suffered the heart attack 24 hours before he died Tuesday morning. Andy was buried in his family cemetery in North Carolina that same day.


McConaughey And Wife Expecting Another Child



Matthew McConaughey and his wife Camila Alves are expecting another child. Camila made the announcement on Twitter yesterday writing, "Happy birthday, America, more good news, Matthew and I are expecting our third child” The couple have a two-year-old daughter, Vida, and son Levi, who turns four this week.


Star Jones Disses Anerson Cooper


Star Jones is not among the legions of celebrities who have applauded Anderson Cooper's recent decision to come out. The TV personality said that there are selfish motivations behind his announcement, explaining, "He's a daytime talk show host and when the rating slip in daytime, the hosts tend to tell you lots of things about them. Funny, we haven’t heard from Star Jones in God knows how long and shes taking advantage of Cooper’s name.


Spiderman Is Here To Stay


The Amazing Spider-Man will be expanded to a trilogy. After the film had a record-breaking opening day on Tuesday, the studio announced that it will become a franchise. I didn’t know Geroge Lucas was working on this project too.


Katie Holmes: "Totally Committed to Scientology"



Don't blame Scientology for breaking up Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise. A source close to the actor tells TMZ, "This is not a fight over religion. It's being used as a way to hurt Tom." What's the real reason why Katie filed for divorce? Tom's people aren’t saying just yet.


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