After the jaw-dropping (severing?) climax of last week's 'Spartacus: War of the Damned' episode "Separate Paths," we were startlingly reminded that the genre epic will soon come to an end. We won't have to wait long for the pay-cable network's next period fix however, as the David Goyer-helmed historical thriller 'Da Vinci's Demons' will follow in its wake on April 12! The latest trailer is full of new mysteries and secrets, so have a look at the heroic Leonardo Da Vinci inside!

April 12 will see the rebirth of Starz’ newest historical hero, as executive producer David S. Goyer (‘The Dark Knight,’ ‘Man of Steel‘) reinvents famed inventor Leonardo Da Vinci as a roguish action hero for the network’s new series ‘Da Vinci’s Demons.’ Another thrilling re-imagining along the lines of Starz’ other genre epics, the series tells the unheard tale of Da Vinci (Tom Riley)’s action-packed youth, as he “sets knowledge free, defies authority and throws himself into the future, forever changing the fate of mankind.”

The latest trailer for the buzz-worthy new series comes to us courtesy of TVGuide, and teases the dark mysteries that Da Vinci will need to unravel as he comes up against the forces of darkness. David Goyer spoke out about the series some months ago, likening Da Vinci to some of the other superheroes he’d written. “We’ve embellished it with what I’m calling historical fantasy; he had an incredible life and we didn’t have to embellish as much as you’d think,” Goyer said.

Check out the latest trailer for 'Da Vinci's Demons' below, courtesy of TVGuide, and tune in for the premiere on Friday April 12!