I'm sure when Celoron NY (near Jamestown NY) purchased a life size bronze statue of Lucille Ball to honor her, they didn't think it would look like this. They had every right to expect it to resemble the 'I Love Lucy' star. Turns out it's quite a tourist attraction for the comedian's birth place even if it's a bit embarrassing. 

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I can understand the position of her fans. The statue looks nothing like vitameatavegamin girl it's supposed to resemble. It's been called "creepy, ugly, even an extra from The Walking Dead."  Unfortunately the Mayor will not spend the money on a new statue. Now there is a Facebook page "We Love Lucy! Get Rid of this Statue''

CNN is reporting that the artist will not comment on the bronze statue and wants $8000-$10,000 to redo it. They were hoping the artist would stand behind his work.

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This is not the only time fans have been outraged. When Deion Sanders was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this is what his bust looked like.

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The only resemblance to me is the bandanna.