Counterpart is over — at least on our Earth.

Series creator and executive producer Justin Marks announced the news today on Twitter that his cult sci-fi series was done at Starz after two seasons. The show, which stars J.K. Simmons as a man who discovers there is a parallel Earth — and as the same man from that parallel Earth — is currently wrapping up its second season. The season (series?) finale (the 20th episode to date) airs this Sunday.

Here are Marks’ tweets about the news:

As Marks notes, the Counterpart creative team is trying to find a new home for the show; he goes on to say that this Sunday’s finale is “the end of a chapter,” not the end forever. So if you are a Counterpart fan, you can hold on to that shred of hope for now.

In its run so far, Counterpart  has only been nominated for one Emmy — for Best Title Design, which it won (and by the way they are awesome if you’ve never watched them). But maybe there is a chance some channel (or streaming service? Netflix are you listening? You love weird sci-fi stuff!) will pick the show up and give it a second chance.

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