If New Hampshire and Maine follow Britain's example, taking a snow day won't cost you vacation or sick leave but rather be paid time off meaning New York could follow suit. Sound too good to be true? It might be as the Europeans already think we Americans are a little crazy working the hours that we do and taking such little time off.

In the UK, if the workplace is closed because of disruption like snow and the employee doesn't usually work from home, employers can't usually deduct pay. For example, if the business closes because of say, 18 inches of snow, lone of the benefits of living in Central New York, you could still get paid, even if you are punching a clock.

In addition, if your office is still open but your child's school is closed due to weather, employees legally have the right to time off as this is considered an official emergency, according to Gov.uk.

If the employees do work from home from time to time, then all bets are off, get dressed and go to work. Employees are not automatically entitled to pay if they're unable to get to work because of bad weather.

New Hampshire and Maine proposing the idea but chances are we will not see this here in the states, but you never know.

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