We're less than a week away from Comic-Con 2013 -- hard to believe, isn't it? To get you even more excited for this year's events, panels, and toys (so many toys!), 'Godzilla' director Gareth Edwards has put together this little teaser video, promising some very big surprises from Legendary, the studio behind the upcoming reboot.We got a little taste of 'Godzilla' when Edwards revealed a short teaser video last year, and it was enough to leave us wanting more -- much more. This time around, Edwards promises that he and Legendary have "something very exciting planned," and wants you to know that "something very big is heading for San Diego." Could it be Godzilla himself?

If you go to the GodzillaEncounter website, you can track the arrival of Legendary's big surprise in the coming days. It's set up sort of like the NORAD Santa tracker that allows kids to "track" Santa's movements from the North Pole online every Christmas. And what's Comic-Con, if not Christmas for geeks of all kinds? The site warns of a "massive oceanic anomaly approaching the California coast," with screenshots of fake news sites with headlines about mysterious happenings in the ocean.

For more on the movies heading to Comic-Con this week, be sure to check out our full list of movie panels.

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