Comedian Jim Gaffigan was enjoying some local food when he announced a second show during his trip through New York State.

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The comedian took to Twitter to hype up his second show in Rochester, NY when he used an iconic food dish to prove that he was in Rochester.

Along with his show information, Gaffigan tweeted out a picture of the VERY heartbeat of Rochester, NY the "Garbage Plate"

The "Garbage Plate" was invented by Alexander Tahou, who founded the restaurant in 1915 and Nick Tahou's actually owns a trademark on the name "Garbage plate". So often in Western New York and Rochester, you will see places selling it under names like trash plate or junkyard dog plate, or just plate.

This isn't the only time over the past couple of weeks the "Garbage plate" has been in the news. A Rochester area chef got tons of heat when he proclaimed on the NBC Today Show while making a homemade garbage plate, that Nick Tahou's was closed.

Of course, it isn't and social media let that chef know. You can read that whole story HERE.

The "Garbage Plate" is to Rochester what the Chicken Wing is to Buffalo. Everyone knows the original place where it was created but people across the area have their own takes on it and claim they have the best in town.

Of course, now that I have spent twenty minutes thinking, writing, and looking up photos of garbage plates, I really want one now!

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