A Central New York woman needs a miracle - and a metal detector - to find the wedding band she lost while swimming in Old Forge.

Meredith Nackley Santana says she was swimming in Fourth Lake over the July 4th weekend when her diamond wedding ring must have slipped off her finger.

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She says she knows "it's a shot in the dark" but Meredith is hoping someone will find the ring while swimming, or maybe it will even wash ashore.

Meredith says she was swimming off a boat on the south shore of Alger Island when she lost the ring. She says someone with a submersible metal detector tried to search for the ring, with no luck.

Meredith even included a map to show where she was swimming when the ring went missing.

Credit: Meredith Santana
Credit: Meredith Santana

Or course, the lakes in Old Forge are probably littered with lost items - including two pairs of my sunglasses and bathing suit cover up - but we're hoping that Meredith will be one of the lucky ones who gets her item back. A wedding ring is far more sentimental and important than a pair of sunglasses.

If you happen to find the ring, please contact Meredith on Facebook.

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