Central New York is going to be the nations first rest subjects for a new drink. Hitting stores across our region will be a new Labatt Blue Light Seltzer.

Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse will be the first to taste the all new Labatt Blue Light Seltzer. Syracuse.com reports that the Labatt Blue Light Seltzer is hitting local stores this week. The new drink will come in four flavors: Black Cherry Lime, Tropical Grapefruit, Mango Lemon and Blood Orange Blackberry. They are 5% alcohol.

This rollout of Labatt’s first hard seltzers will be tested in these markets and, if successful, distributed across Labatt’s entire market next year."

This won't be the only seltzer available local, and regionally. The FX Matt Brewing Company announced in April about it's new line of alcoholic seltzer. Those flavors include Lemon, Peach Mango and Raspberry. Each 12-ounce drink will have just 100 calories, 2 grams of carbs and 4.5% alcohol. All three of these flavors are infused with green tea. So far, this is one of the only styles on the market.

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Labatt USA is a Buffalo-based company that owns the rights to market and distribute Labatt’s beers in the United States. It imports Blue and Blue Light made in Canada, but has produced and packaged other Labatt-branded beers in Rochester through its affiliation with the Genesee Brewery.

Labatt Blue Light Seltzer offers a surprisingly fruit forward aroma and taste that finishes light and refreshing. It tastes less watered down and smoother than other hard seltzers.”"

Remember, 21 and older. Also, please drink responsibly. Best of luck to Central New York to get this drink on the map.

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