A dog that jumped out of a third story building while it was on fire in Syracuse has not survived, but a kitten from the same apartment successfully escapes.

The beloved dog, Dirty Randy, was trying to escape his home while it was on fire, jumped out the window and simply didn't survive. Syracuse.com reports "something in a pile of trash sparked the fire at 1407 E. Fayette St. though investigators were unsure what exactly started the fire. All six people in the apartments in the house at the time got out safely."

Morgan Patricia Brower says:

He was the light of my life and the center of my world. Lover of all things food- especially pizza and bacon. He was the epitome of unconditional love, and I'm going to miss him every day.


Morgan was at work when the fire started and her pets, Dirty Rany the dog, and her kitten Rafi were home alone. It's a miracle that her kitten survived.

Rafi (my kitten) was found hiding on the roof hours after. I returned home to search for her after leaving the vets office. It was around 1030pm maybe? The whole day was a blur. Went so fast. But my friend, Matthew Dutcher spotted her on the roof. I ran upstairs into what was left of my apartment and opened the window and enticed her with Dirty Randy's treats (because she only wanted his) and she came right to me. She's a little shaken up, and she keeps looking and calling out for him. We're both hurting and need this time to adjust to life without Dirty Randy.


Morgan Patricia
Photo Credit: Morgan Patricia

Our friend, Morgan Patricia Brower, lost her amazing little dog Dirty Randy in a tragic accident. Everyone who knew Morgan and Randy understood the bond they shared. To compound this tragedy, Morgan is now saddled with veterinarian bills accrued during the valiant attempts to same him. As her friends, it is incumbent on us to do whatever we can to ease Morgan's pain. Therefore, I created this GoFundMe, so that we may help pay off her veterinarians bills. Please give whatever you can, whether it's the kind of donation that jingles or the kind that folds. Every penny we raise will be a blessing.

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