Now that fall has arrived, deer season is upon us, which means you're more likely to bump into one with your car (1 in 161 odds, which is indeed very put out a list of 50+ places in the state that you're most likely to hit those pesky forest rats in and you may be surprised at the results. While Erie, Orange and Monroe counties combined account for half of the entries on the list, a few did land in CNY.

Utica came in at #37 with 61 reported deer-car accidents in 2017, Rome was #16 with 93 and Syracuse was #4 with 137 deer playing chicken with vehicles. At first I found those results a bit odd as I expected most of the results to be in rural communities, but as we approached the top of the list, the cities kept getting bigger (Rochester was #1 and Buffalo made the list too at #10.) This makes sense because even if there isn't a huge volume of deer in bigger cities, there ARE far more cars.

I've hit three deer in my lifetime, one in the Utica area, another near Syracuse and the third one around Cooperstown, so this appears to be on par with the results. See where other towns landed on the list HERE.


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