This week in CNY Bands That Rock we meet Lucia and Levi. 

Lucia and Levi have been playing 'Blues' music for about 30 years together. You can catch them performing all over the country opening for acts such as Jimmy Vaughn (Stevie Ray Vaughn's older brother) and Muddy Waters older son Mud Morganfield at the Pleasure Island Seafood and Jazz Blues Festival. Levi says those gigs are fun because you don't have to carry your equipment. "They put you on these golf carts, and drive you to the stage, and then you eat the buffet the stars eat."

Lucia plays the keyboard and the blues harp. She also sings husky versions of Bonnie Rait, Jimmi Hendrix, Carlos Santana, old blues and standards, reggae, Bob Marley and plenty of originals. Not only is she a talented entertainer but she's also appeared in a few films, including Fatal Beauty with Whoopie Goldberg.

Levi is an excellent lead guitarist, tenor sax player, and vocalist. He's been involved in the music industry for almost 50 years and was a musical director on a project for Samona Cooke, and also worked on projects at Jackson Records.

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