While not a typical team that Central New Yorkers root for, Cleveland Indians fans do exist here and 'The Tribe' no matter it's geography will overcome the loss of Chief Wahoo from the team uniforms.

As an Ohio native, I wear the merchandise and root for them proudly, but only as a fan of the baseball team in the state where I'm from and nothing more. While I'm somewhat marose to see Chief Wahoo logo (simply due to attachment), I have no problem with the change of the logo or name or whatever else because I'll root for the team no matter what they're called. I don't espouse the current PC culture either, but suffice it to say that Major League teams change their names and logos and host cities all of the time and we all survive, eventually forgetting the way that things used to be.

Every time things change whether for the better or not, the 'old guard' always has the hardest time dealing with it, but we eventually do.


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