Clark Griswold crashed his Christmas tree into a Barneveld lawn.

Lee Broomfield set up the homage to Chevy Chase's 'Christmas Vacation' in his front yard. It complete with a car he got from a junk yard in Oswego. "I towed it home and will sneak it somewhere on our 100 acres to store it for next year."

A real Christmas tree, roots and all, strapped to the top of the car with extension cords. "I uprooted the dang thing on my property."

If you look close, you'll see Chevy Chase in the driver's seat with President Trump and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in the backseat. Buddy the Elf is even hitching a ride. "We're having fun with it," said Broomfield. "You got to stop being an adult sometimes, especially during the holidays and look at it through the eyes of a child."

Photo Credit - Becky Covey

The Griswold car is right by the road of Broomfield's long driveway. Right in front of his house is a 30 foot tree covered in 41,000 light. Lights Broomfield somehow found a way to hang with a separated shoulder. "I just did it one light at a time," he joked.

Photo Credit - Lee Broomfield

Broomfield isn't done. He's on the hunt for a Winnebago so he can add cousin Eddie to the Christmas Vacation display next year.

Check out the Clark Griswold Christmas display at 7767 Cameron Hill Road in Barneveld. Don't forget to look up the driveway at the giant Christmas tree.

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A Clark Griwold Christmas Comes to Chadwicks