Beloved teen angst fest (and starting point for such big time talents as Claire Danes and Jared Leto) 'My So-Called Life' might have been cut short -- like, way short, the series was cancelled after only 19 episodes -- but that hasn't stopped it from enduring as a modern classic that kids still relate to (and, hey, adults do, too). The series turned twenty years old just a few weeks ago, and star Danes didn't let the day go by on unmarked. Well, sort of.

On last night's 'The Tonight Show,' Danes shared a little bit about a recent party she threw that sort of celebrated twenty years of 'MSCL' love -- half family barbecue, half yurt christening. While host Jimmy Fallon was put out to have not been invited, we're more curious about the possibility of 'My So-Called Life: The Yurt Years."

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