Do you recognize this girl? Growing up in grade school, all of us (male and female alike) took one look at Cindy Crawford and when hearing that she wasn't just any model but a SUPER model, we didn't know what it meant, but we didn't have to... It HAD to be true. Now, 31 years later, Cindy ever as gorgeous in her maturity as she was in youth has tweeted a photo of her very first modeling shot back when she was 16 and hanging out in a bikini poolside at her boyfriend's house in DeKalb where she grew up.

Ha, but you can bet the now 47 year old model isn't complaining now, and neither are we! Her peers made fun of her for this photo back in the day (???) but when she told them how much money the shot made her ($150) that shut them up and the'yve been quiet for 3 decades, and I'll bet her then-boyfriend wishes he was STILL hers! And in case you're wondering how she did in school, well Cindy doesn't fit the mold of beautiful but ditzy: she graduated as her class's Valedictorian!