Oh those Marvel contracts; so mysterious, so hugely important to the future of the fictional members of the Marvel Cinematic Universe we love so much. In order to maintain cross-franchise continuity, Marvel signs actors to long and elaborate contracts, but even those can run out eventually. At that point, the stars can re-sign or not. We’re getting very close to that point with one of the most important actors in the MCU.

In a new interview with USA Today, Thor star Chris Hemsworth confirms that the upcoming fourth Avengers film is his final commitment on his original Marvel contract. And as he puts it, he “won’t be playing the character again” after that:

Contractually, right now — yeah, this is it. I’m done. I won’t be playing the character again ... It’s sort of a scary thought. This really seemed like this never-ending thing. And now it’s potentially finishing.

Before you start mourning the God of Thunder, be aware: Other actors (most notably Robert Downey Jr.) have returned after their initial Marvel contracts were up, and Hemsworth sounds very open to making more Thor movies. He says that he and the crew were bouncing around ideas for a fourth film after the success of Thor: Ragnarok, but right now priorities are about finishing these two Avengers films.

"(Feige) said, 'Look, we just have to concentrate on (Avengers) now,' " Hemsworth told USA Today. “So who knows? ... It’s a conversation for further down the road, if it was going to happen.” In the meantime, Avengers: Infinity War opens in theaters on May 4. Avengers 4, which is still sans official title, opens on May 3, 2019.

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