Not too many places in this area where you can get authentic Greek food, but Symeon’s is definitely the best place you can go to get it.  Symeon’s, definitely a staple here in in Central New York, has been cooking up Greek favorites for many many years.  All this week, I’ll be giving away free food during your lunch hour!    


They are located at 4941 Commercial Dr. in Yorkville.  You can call them at 315.736.4074.  You can link to their website here and check out the great food they have available and get their daily specials.


How would you like to win some free food from Symeon’s?  All you have to do is listen during your lunch hour, be caller number 6 when I ask for it at 768-9600!  I’ll be giving away free lunch from Symeon’s all week long, so keep trying if you don’t get through right away!  Good luck and thanks for listening!


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