One Central New York town is already claiming records for 2017 snowfall and is expecting more before Spring.

I moved to Utica in January of 2000 and was blessed with a mild winter for upstate, at least that's what everyone told me. Two years later my company promoted me to manage three stations in Watertown, I'm still not sure if it was a promotion. What I didn't know at the time is Watertown is consistently in the number-one or two spot in the State of New York and they promptly had three of what the locals said was a normal winter for Watertown. What I heard more often than not was Copenhagen usually gets more snow than Watertown and Redfield in Oswego County passes everyone by from year to year. Last year Redfield was the snowiest with 350.5 inches of snow that's more than 29 feet total.

Being from the west I had no idea what Lake Effect snow was but, boy did I find out. Three winters in a row meant more time spent on the roof of my house and I did on the ground. By the way, who in this part of the world builds a flat roof with all this snow coming every year?

The numbers are suggesting we will have an average or below average winter. Lets' look at where the real players sit even if it is a little early for snow totals. Please keep in mind some of the early leaders will be there in the end of the season of SNOW.

So far Redfield is once again leading with 82.6 inches, Copenhagen so far is in 2nd place with 74.1 inches, Osceola in Lewis County is 49.8, Colden in Erie County is currently 4th at 47.7 inches. so far 22 inches have fallen in Syracuse at the airport, 16.3 inches in Rochester at the airport, Poughkeepsie has 7 inches and it goes down from there.


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