Postcards are showing up in mailboxes across Central New York claiming to cover to up to $25,000 in funeral expenses, but it's just another scam according to Rome Police.

Rome police have been receiving questions about a postcard offering final expense insurance supposedly approved by the government. Detective Jeffrey Lanigan tells WSYR "They'll tell you there is money available to you in regards to a government death benefit to help pay for funeral costs, things like that."

Police say the paperwork claims the plan is approved by the government. But, a detective who checked it out says the offer is not legitimate.

This is what the postcard looks like:

Det. Lanigan also tells WSYR "They'll ask you for personal information...your name, date of birth, address, phone number, spouse's information, their name, date of birth, everything like that."  The sense of urgency and call to action is a red flag. The postcard tells you to fill it out and return to a P.O. Box in Indianapolis within five days to see if you qualify for the cash.

The Rome Police Department says if you ever have any questions about the legitimacy of a claim similar to this you can always contact them or your local police department for assistance. You can also follow the links below.

[Information from WYSR and Detective Jeffery Lanagin, Rome PD]

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