How many locally-based companies here in the Mohawk Valley can boast that they steward their products from birth to delivery? A state-of-the-art plant in Rome, with connections worldwide, is doing just that.

We recently had the pleasure of touring the Sovena Olive Oil plant and getting a firsthand glimpse at its impressive operation. Sovena is one of the largest olive oil companies in the world, with 1,000 employees, including 175 at the facility in Rome, which is located, appropriately at 1 Olive Grove Street.

Sovena purchased another Utica-based olive oil company, East Coast Olive Oil, then built the Rome plant in 2007 and has consolidated its worldwide dominance in its field.

During our tour, we got to wear cool lab coats, pictured below. And we also wore hair nets when we went behind the scenes and observed the impressive bottling, testing and quality assurance process.

Credit: Jonathan Batson

The company employs scientists, chemists and other experts who ensure that the olive oil we enjoy at home is top quality.

Courtesy: Sovena

The Sovena plant produces, packs and distributes olive oil, seed oils, blends, specialty oils and vinegars for all food channels, in various formats and sizes. If you're using olive oil in your kitchen at home, there's a good chance the folks at Sovena had something to do with it.