Kickball is back for adults 18 and older to enjoy nearly any night of the week.

The Syracuse Sports Association has just the game for the Utica adult recreational sports scene. Kickball... yes, just like you played in 5th grade. Who knew?

Cindy McMullen TSM
Cindy McMullen TSM

This playground pastime is for adults 18 and older. If you're looking to blow off some steam during the work week than kicking a big rubber ball may be right for you!

...Remember and we can’t stress this enough, the idea behind kickball - past and present - good sportsmanship, have fun first and win second. I mean Win or lose, what's better than being outside and having fun with friends? And, the upside (Not like you really needed any more) of kickball for grown-ups is the chance to go to a local sponsor bar after the game, socialize and hang out...


Syracuse Sports Association
Syracuse Sports Association

Games are played at the following locations in CNY:

12 North Sports Bar
All-Star Alley
Assumption Church Gym
Burnham Park
CNY Family Sports Center
Flamingo Bowl
Greenman Fields
Hopkins Road Park
Lakeview Bowling Center
Salina Town Building Gym
Santaro Park
SSA's Athletic Center (Formerly Hazen's)
Syracuse Indoor Sports Center
Syracuse Kickball Park
The Spinning Wheel Restaurant
Two Guys Kickball Park
Vets Club Park
Vets Club Park - Dirt Field
Vets Club Park Grass Field
Wankel Fields - Utica
Whitestown Park

Find a location that works for you and get yourself signed up! Most leagues start in June.

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