A duck family in Central New York is safe and sound after a scary run-in with a storm drain.

Officers with the Department of Environmental Conservation, along with Solvay Police and the Onondaga County Sheriff's Office, responded to a call off of Woods Road in Solvay Friday afternoon. CNYCentral reports that a resident called authorities shortly after the ducklings fell into the drain.

CNYCentral posted a video of the rescue, as DEC officers and police worked to save the four ducklings. A DEC officer lowered himself down into the drain, searched for the ducklings, and handed them to officers at the top of the drain. Mama Duck waited for her babies nearby and after officers rescued all four, the family of ducks was reunited. What a special moment!

Cute, right?! You can definitely saw "awww" again!

Last week was a big week for animal rescues in Central New York. Trooper Tim Collins with the New York State Police spotted an injured Kingfisher bird that had been hit by a car outside the Hastings police station, and brought it to a wildlife rehabilitator after capturing it with a box.

New York State Police
New York State Police

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