A Central New York Animal Hospital has taken in a new patient after an onlooker discovered the cat roaming around with it's tail cut off.

According to a social media post in the group "CNY Lost and Found Pets," Jesus Ayala Maldonado was sitting in his vehicle taking a call while at work when he looked over and saw a cat with something red dangling from his tail. Initially, he tried to carefully approach the cat fearing it may be diseased or aggressive. Eventually, the cat got spooked and ran away.

Maldonado says he then called him mother due to his concern for the obviously traumatized feline. Maldonado says,

[I] was bothered and called my mother to ask what I should do and she told me to immediately call around local animal hospitals, humane societies, etc. so somebody could come out and rescue him/her and potentially save it’s life.

After trying to contact several hospitals and animal shelters, he started to lose hope. He was told by many of the facilities that they would not take the cat in unless he paid for the medical bills, in full. That could be anywhere from $200 to thousands. Just when he thought hope was lost, he found someone who would take the cat. Maldonado writes,

I got ahold of Highland Animal Hospital in Central Square whom stated that they would 10000% take the cat in as long as i am able to successfully trap him/her myself (safely of course) and all expenses would be covered.

Maldonado then went and bought a safe and sturdy trap from Tractor Supply. After 10 hours of waiting, Maldonado was notified by a friend that the cat had been successfully, and of course safely, trapped. Maldonado took the cat in to his home and will bring it to the hospital when they open. He is asking the public for assistance.

There are a number of ways you can help. Maldonado says if you are in a position to do so you can donate any amount to the Highland Animal Hospital in Central Square. He was very pleased with their professionalism and love for animals. You can also share his post which can be found in the CNY Lost and Found Pets Facebook group. Ultimately, the cat's safety and well-being is the priority, but he also wants to see the scared and injured cat reunited with the owner.

Jesus Ayala Maldonado via Facebook
Jesus Ayala Maldonado via Facebook
Jesus Ayala Maldonado via Facebook
Jesus Ayala Maldonado via Facebook

Do You Know Who Illegally Abandoned A Dog In Parking Lot In Clinton New York?

Spring Farm Cares of Clinton is asking Central New York's help in identifying who illegally abandoned a dog in their parking lot. Do you recognize this car or dog? 

On Sunday, November 14th at just about 6PM, Spring Farm Cares reports that someone abandoned a dog in their parking lot. Below are photos of the vehicle entering and exiting the parking lot as well as the dog being dumped out of the car.

If anyone has any information on the dog or the vehicle please contact Spring Farm Cares at help@springfarmcares.org.

Spring Farm Cares shared a heartbreaking open letter to the person who abandoned their pup in the parking lot. While we share that, here are photos multiple times so you can get a better look at identifying who it may be:

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