It's never a good sign when you hear a weird noise coming from your car. It can be anything and that's what so unnerving. It can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to fix whatever is wrong with your vehicle.

However, sometimes you discover it to be minor in nature. It could even be a literal animal hiding inside of your engine bay. That was the case for one vehicle in Western New York this morning.

According to the West Seneca Police Department, a cat decided to "hitch" a ride in a vehicle's engine bay, which left from Cheektowaga.

The videos the West Seneca PD shared are amazing.

Check out how adorable this cat is.

Officer Daley of the West Seneca PD was the one who took responsibility to free the cat from his new come, which he did not seem very interested in leaving.

However, after a few attempts, Officer Daley finally freed the cat.

Imagine driving around with a literal cat in your engine bay? It's amazing the cat was unharmed and was able to even get in there in the first place.

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It's always best to check on your vehicle whenever you can, because as it turns out, you never quite know what you could find in there. There could even be a cat stuck in your engine bay.

Kudos to Officer Daley.

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