Has anyone seen this cat? It went missing after jumping into a delivery truck and running out on the next stop, miles away.

The cat, called Kitty, unknowingly got in the back of a Joe Tehans truck in Forestport Friday, October 30th. "She ran out on their next delivery on Irish Road in Marcy," said Tonya Jago Brown who is desperate to find her.

Brown turned to Facebook, hoping someone would find Kitty. The post has been shared thousands of times, but the cat is still missing. There have been several sightings of stray cats, but none have turned out to be Kitty.

Kitty was rescued after Brown says someone dropped her off and left her at a plant. "4 months later she was found and we brought her home lifeless. We gave her every vet care possible and she survived."

Kitty has been with her new family for the past five years.

Anyone with information is asked to call 315-269-2907 or reach out to Tonya on Facebook.

Tonya Jago Brown
Tonya Jago Brown

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