What the heck.

I can't be the only one that this has ever happened to before?

My wife, our kid and myself are on the way home from breakfast. Our 5 month old is tired and starting to fall asleep in the back, my wife is ready for a nap and I am wide awake. So, I decide I am going to go keep my New Year's resolution alive and go to the gym. I vowed to myself to go to the gym this month and not bring my phone so I do not distract myself at the gym.

I drop them off with the car running still and go.

I go work out hard, suddenly rushing out to go watch football and hopeful that we are watching Patrick Mahomes get spanked on National TV. (Maybe then we would not have to watch obnoxious Instagram posts from his family for a little bit, too.)

Get in the car. Does not start.

I realize: wow the keys were in my wife's pocket. Wow I just drove to the gym with absolutely no key.

I go to call her and realize...oh yeah no phone. This is going great. I call her using the gym phone but remember, she is sleeping and I cannot remember ANYONE'S phone numbers anymore. So, I asked a random stranger at the gym to call me an Uber. After explaining him the situation he did not even hesitate. He was surely amused.

I got home with Uber and repaid the guy. But, how does a car even let you drive the car without a key fab? How is that even possible. I know some cars say 'key fab not in car', but this was not one of those cases. Cars are expensive. Very expensive. I know it was my fault, but how have car manufacturers not been able to find a better solution on this problem. We talked about it on Clay and Company and it happened to so many listeners, too.

Either way--I made a new friend in the most unconventional fashion. Thanks, Dan.

Has this ever happen to you?



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