Ever catch a rhythm on the golf course? Your group's playing pace is perfect, your swing is relaxed and on point. Your group catches up to a slow-foursome on the next hole...you wait and wait and wait. They finally finish and you promptly put your ball in the woods


If this couple is every playing behind you in CNY, please just get out of the way and let them play through! They play at a pace only a few in the world can keep up with.

Wes and Lauren Cupp aren't fast-paced golfers, they're speedgolfers and are among the best in the world.

Lauren and Wes Cupp
Lauren and Wes Cupp

(In case you weren't aware) It's a pro-sport with world rankings and all.

In fact, Lauren - from Rome, NY - is the World's No. 1 ranked female Speedgolfer. She maintained her status as top-dog this past weekend with another victory, this one coming at the Glenoaks Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky - one of many state championship events across thecoutnry by Speedgolf U.S.A.

As noted by the Rome Sentinel, Lauren actually hasn't lost an event in years:

She successfully defended her Kentucky title with a strong second round. Cupp strengthened her grasp on the world No. 1 position. She hasn’t been beaten since February 2018 in the New Zealand Speedgolf Open in Auckland.

Wes Cupp was coming off a victory in the Alabama State Championship, but just fell short of winning the title in Kentucky.

Kati Molin

The New York State Speedgolf Open, another official SGUSA event, is actually coming to Central New York in a few weeks. Rome's Tuegega Country Club will host the event on August 7 and 8.

If you're interested in volunteering for the event or playing, you can contact Tuegega at 315-337-7150, or visit SpeedgolfUSA.com to register.

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