You may've seen Cal LaClair around playing guitar in projects like Lonesome Dove or the Fulton Chain Gang, but you may not've known that he has other talents... Like drawing caricatures!

I've had a couple of caricatures drawn in my time (both at Darien Lake and YEARS ago) but never digitally and as intentional as Cal did. He's been playing around with his new tablet platform, caricaturing his musician friends and other acquaintances which you can see more of his music buddy work below:

Matt Grainger by Cal LaClair
Tommy Lamach by Cal LaClair
Herb & Sachiyo by Cal LaClair

Cal doesn't just do musicians, he can do anyone in any setting, so if you're curious what you'd look like through his digital pen, be sure to hit him up at his insta account above or look him up on FB.

Incidentally, he also DJs weddings and does photo booths too and is the marketing director for CBI cables based right here in Oriskany, which without whose product you wouldn't hear a single note we all play! This guy's talent just doesn't seem to have a ceiling, so grab him for your portrait before his session rates go through the roof!