You’re an American man (or woman) wanting to exercise his (or her) right to bear arms. But, you’re just too lazy to go through the whole license/ permit process. Well, Cool Material has found the easy way to look bad-ass without all the red tape:  the Bullet Bottle Opener.

This little bad boy attaches to your keychain and can pop open your brew of choice in a matter of moments (depending on your level of drunkenness).  No worries, it’s not an actual piece of ammunition, so you can drop it as much as you want. Just don’t go getting too cocky and try to throw it really hard at someone. You may just end up with this solid stainless round bar in a chamber you weren’t planning on ever loading.

According to the website, the bullet weighs in at 2.7 oz. (77 g) and stands at 2.9″ tall by 0.5″ wide (at base). And, perhaps most importantly to us red-blooded Americans, it is “Made in the USA.” Hell yeah.

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