Do you have central heating in your home or do you go out and chop wood to keep you and your loved ones warm? Here's how you can put all that hard work to good use and build the perfect wood stove fire.

Step 1: Lay down some crumpled up newspaper.

- Scrunch up a bunch of newspapers and lay them across the bottom of your wood stove.

Step 2: Lay down a few rows of kindling.

- Broken branches, twigs, or dry bark will work perfectly for this. Lay down 5 or 6 pieces on top of the newspaper.

Step 3: Put on a few small pieces of firewood.

- You're probably not very accurate using your axe. Lay down a few of these small pieces on top of the kindling.

Step 4: Light the newspaper.

- Make sure your wood stove can allow the maximum amount of air into it and leave the door open for 3-5 minutes. NEVER leave the room with the door to the wood stove open.

Step 5: Add larger logs to your fire.

- Once you have a nice small fire going, you can add larger logs to the fire as needed. Keep in mind how dangerous the ashes and coals can be. They might not look hot, but they can restart a fire once it's already out.

Now you know how to heat up the wood stove and keep your house nice and toasty this winter!

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