There has been a lot of talk about what the Bills are going to do with their alternate helmet option this year.  I wouldn't imagine this one will make the cut.

But it would be pretty cool if it could.

The NFL made a new rule last year that allows teams to have an alternate color helmet this year.  It really had people thinking about the possibilities.  The Falcons could go back to their red helmets.  The Patriots could go back to their white ones. The Browns…well…the browns have always had orange helmets.  But that’s a whole different blog.

Already, a couple teams have announced that they will be including the alternate helmets in their uniform rotations and they look pretty sweet.  The Carolina Panthers have an all black helmet.  The Houston Texans have an all red version.  I kind of like the Cincinnati Bengals new "all white" helmets.

A lot of people have been talking about how the Bills should bring back the helmet from the 90s that was red with the charging Buffalo on the side.

Personally, I'd be ok if they DIDN'T bring those ones back.

Have you seen this helmet though?  It's an iced out version of the Bills current white helmet!

It looks like you can check it out for yourself inside the Bills store.  It's even got the white facemask on it.

Obviously, that would never fly on the field.  People would be losing diamonds every play.  And how much of a joke would it be to be the team with the bedazzled helmet?

It does look pretty cool, but we'll just keep waiting to find out what the Bills will do with their alternate helmet color option.  Hopefully we will hear that announcement (if there is one at all) soon.

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