When you think of Brooklyn, what do you think of? Hipsters Homelessness? Astronomical rent for a place the size of a sardine can?

Well, the astronomical price is true, but this incredible mansion doesn't look like it belongs in Brooklyn. Looks like something Will Smith would take a cab to in Beverly Hills.

This $13M mansion was built in 1905 and boasts 11,389 square feet, with 9 bedrooms and 7.5 baths. Let's face it, buying a really old house can sometimes be a headache. You don't know what you're going to have to update and replace. But you needn't worry about that with this house. It's been completely updated with modern mechanical systems and 21st century fixtures, without sacrificing any of the original design.

"The Gale Mansion is an 11,000+ sf. single family home and an architectural masterpiece in the landmarked neighborhood of Prospect Park South. One of the grandest private homes in Brooklyn, the Gale Mansion was built in 1905 by Henry B. Moore... Every square foot of this gracious home's interior and exterior is in meticulous, turn-key condition."

And look at the size of that kitchen. You could hold a dance party in there, that's how spacious it is. And there's plenty of counterspace to stand at while you're sadly eating a microwavable meal.

Sometimes old houses can be drafty, but not this one. It's got 6 fireplaces to keep you warm. One can picture an old rich guy crumpling up an important document and throwing it in there to watch it burn.

Honestly, this house is so nice, it looks fake. Just check out the pictures below and see for yourself.

How is This House in Brooklyn?!

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