One thing that drives me nuts is when people can’t drive the speed limit. It always happens on Route 49, people never go 65! Speed limit signs are posted every mile, it’s not hard! So I guess I can see this woman’s anger, but at the same time no I can’t.

So this British woman is protesting her town's decision to institute a 20-mile-per-hour speed limit because she says her BMW can't go that slow. Now to me, that’s stupid. Diane is threatening to sue the city council of Cleveleys because she believes operating the sports car in fourth gear will damage the engine.

She says, "I'm all in favor of 20 mile an hour limits outside schools, but the roads around here are nice and wide, so not only is it pointless but it actually negates what they're trying to achieve. If anything happens to my car, I'm going to sue the council and force them to cover the costs."

I don’t know much about cars, or pretend to be a car expert, but her claim sounds crazy.  Car Experts: is this even possible to happen? Teach me something.