Bret Michaels is reflecting on his life through the new book, "Auto-Scrap-Ography: My Life's Scrapbook in Pictures and Stories," and what a life it's been. While speaking with Podcast One's Trish Paytas, Michaels revealed that he was once held at gunpoint as a teenager and luckily was able to negotiate his way out of the situation.

"I got held at gunpoint at 16 years old with my band partying. We were out partying on a road called Sleepy Hollow Rd. and Old Hollow. We’re out there having the time of our life, talking music, maybe having a good party out there and the next thing I know, we’re all held at gunpoint. Two guys thought we robbed their house and they were going to kill us. There was no getting out of it and I negotiated for my life," said the Poison singer.

Michaels emerged from the situation and went on to fame and stardom, but that period left an impact on him and is part of the book, with the singer being able to verify the story and provide some visuals that add to his account. "All those guys verified. We got photos and things, even the car we were in, and it time stamps that time in my life and I negotiated for my life to where I’m talking to you here today," said the vocalist.

Michaels has big plans for "Auto-Scrap-Ography," revealing that he also has an "audio-visual big read" in the works for next month. He explained, "I’ll be the first to do what is called an Audio-Visual Big Read. I’ll read through the book and through there are still pictures and moving pictures with each chapter, so all the images come to life."

He also adds that film may be in the works for the fall, stating, "There’s the film happening, and it’s ‘in talks.’ ‘In talks’ means nothing until it happens, but it’s beyond the talks into something else that may be a miniseries. And when I say it’s incredibly done, it’s mixing up Bohemian Rhapsody or be that Rocket Man, but we’re working really hard to make it great."

Bret Michaels' "Auto-Scrap-Ography, Vol. 1: My Life in Pictures and Stories" can be pre-ordered here. Listen to Michaels' full chat with Podcast One's Trish Paytas here.

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