A central New York boy is giving up his gifts for Christmas this year so Santa can help his sick dad instead.

The boy wrote a letter to Santa Claus that will bring you to tears. He's hoping Santa will bring his dad this Christmas. "I know you're busy," he wrote. "Today his tire was flat and it's falling apart even more. Duct tape isn't working."

The boy, who loves his dad so much, is willing to give up his presents this Christmas if Santa will help his father instead. "Please Santa. I've been good," he wrote.

The letter made it's way to Bryan Brockway, who helps kids every year with his annual Back to School drive in Rome. He's playing Santa himself this year and has set up a GoFundMe campaign to help grant this boy's wish.

Dad is a single father, doing the best he can to raise his son. From the looks of this letter to Santa, he's doing a wonderful job, teaching his son the importance of thinking of others. Not many kids would be willing to give up Christmas gifts for someone else.

Photo Credit - Bryan Brockway
Photo Credit - Bryan Brockway

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