You heard the news before the New York State Fair began that the price of bottled water doubled this year, but that had an interesting side effect: that reportedly  put it's price higher than a soda. Now, I grew up in a world where soda was paid for in bottles and water was always free (and wasn't bottled either) so this report hits me as a tad bizarre. It came from a letter from one Fairgoer that had this to say...

On a single day at the fair, I bought 10 bottles of water, for a total of $20. Now I did see and use one bottle filling station in the coliseum, but they weren't as plentiful as advertised. But when vendors are forced to sell water for $2 while soda and sugary drinks are only $1, it's a total shame.

The only time something like this makes sense to a brain like mine is when water has become a shortage on our planet, which I doubt it ever will. But then again, convenience does have a price and it's always more expensive than it should be. Read the entire letter from the above fairgoer HERE. If you went to the Fair, was this your observation also and what do you think should happen next year?

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