"If they think they can keep us down, they can Dream On!"

Those were the words of Aerosmith's Steven Tyler last night (May 30), as he spoke from the stage of the all-star Boston Strong concert, a benefit held to support the victims of the Boston Marathon bombings. Tyler and his bandmates kicked off their set a little before midnight, regaling the crowd with a slew of hits that culminated with performances of 'Come Together' and the Boston anthem 'Dirty Water' featuring a stage crowded with the night's many performers.

Prior to Aerosmith's appearance, the benefit played host to a wide variety of acts, including James Taylor, the J. Geils Band, Boston, Extreme, New Kids on the Block, Jimmy Buffett, Carole King, Jason Aldean, and the Dropkick Murphys. It was an emotional night for many, including hometown stars like NKOTB's Joey McIntyre, who was actually in the race. "I finished at 3:57, just before it 
happened," he told the crowd, "But I don’t care where you were that day. It happened to all of us."

Taylor and King offered a reprise of their recent co-headlining tour, taking the stage together for a medley of hits that included 'Sweet Baby James' and 'You've Got a Friend.' Taylor also joined Buffett during the latter's set for a duet on Taylor's 'Mexico,' with Buffett telling the crowd, "Thank you for adopting me, Boston."

Event organizers had hoped to raise $1 million for victims of the bombing, but as the Boston Herald reported, the show -- which, as we previously reported, also streamed live online -- is expected to bring in "significantly more."

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