Boston Mayor Marty Walsh really does have to say it out loud. These kids are old enough to know better but don't.  


Once again kids and adults with to much time on their hands. They really should know better. Am I sounding like a mom? I would have a fit if my son or daughter were jumping out windows. I would tell them "If you have time to jump out a window then you have time to clean your room or better yet go help your neighbor shovel!"

I'm sure this is just something else for everyone to worry about on top of the freezing temperatures and snow covered roads. They must get frustrated with the fact they have to make a statement about this versus important topics.

If I made that speech to my kids they would say I was a "fun sucker", "no fun aloud around mom!", "mom your such a buzzkill" I can hear it now.

I personally have to much fear to do that. I could not stand in a 2nd or 3rd story window and intentionally jump out of it. I know Boston has a lot of snow but really? There could be a car or a iron gate in that snowbank.

Yup he explains it perfectly...Thank you Mayor Walsh

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