The Boilermaker is such a big event that takes place in Utica, but the Kids' Run honestly just as much of a popular event for the kids! In its 30th year (founded in 1989), the event is fun for kids and parents to enjoy all while introducing them to the spirit of the Boilermaker and what it means to participate in a big race.

While the big race is taking place on Sunday, the Utica National Kids' Run is happening Saturday morning at 8:15 am.

Depending on age, and needs, there's different distances that are being offered:

Credit: Boilermaker
Credit: Boilermaker (although this is from 2017, the message remains the same.)

Distance Course Participants: (Age & Distances)

Special Needs Children, Ages 4 – 16 - 1/4 mile

Ages 4 – 6 - 1/4 mile

Ages 7 – 8 - 1/2 mile

Ages 9 - 10 - 3/4 mile

Ages 11 - 12 - 1 mile

Only 1,800 entries are being accepted, so make sure you get to the Health and Wellness Expo on Friday IN PERSON ONLY some time between noon and 3 pm. They'll be accepted on a first come first serve basis. The applications can be picked up at the Expo at Mohawk Valley Community College in the IT building.

Not only is the event free to partake in, but the kids will get a free t-shirt for running!

Please note, for safety purposes, no strollers are allowed on the course. Also, no flip flops, sandals, crocs or heelies are allowed for runners.

Just watching the Boilermaker and all the people cross the finish line is SO INSPIRING, I can only imagine what the kids feel like after they've finished their races!

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