Did anyone see the "blue light" over Syracuse? One poster on Reddit is asking this exact question.

The poster explained that the Blue Light was reported on Sunday June 14th 2020 in th evening. It was seen over the downtown area.

I probably should have taken a picture. I did not have my phone with me though. I just went back out and it was gone.

This is fascinating to me and I hope someone else might have seen it, maybe gotten a picture. The reason this is so interesting is because these mysterious Blue lights have been popping up all over the world!

I just did some googling and found exactly the same color blue light in multiple pictures taken around the world! It looked almost identical to this to me: https://imgur.com/a/JK0fxRW"

Many people on the post are explaining the lights could be the Barclay Damon building, or the Mohawk building.

With cloud cover you can see the blue tint from miles outside the city (I've seen it driving north on I-81 down by Onondaga Nation). This is 100% what they saw.

The poster is positive that it wasn't either of these buildings, and explains that the light is seen all over the world.

It is strange to me because it is the exact same color blue and same circular shape that I a have seen being posted and sited around the world. It could be a reflection from a building because the clouds were possibly low, not sure how low the clouds were really."

Did you happen to see anything weird? What are your thoughts?

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This Isn't Syracuse's First Weird Blue Lights

In this video from 2011 on YouTube, a weird blue light was recorded over the Syracuse area:

These lights in the video, aren't technically the same style that were reported above.

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