You know it all too well: those moments of your past where you and your friends or your family would go out and spend a night on the town at your regular bar or restaurant. Don't you just wish you could go back in time and revisit some of those old favorite spots that no longer exist?

With 2021 not starting out the greatest, we figured, why not take you back?

Here's a list of some of the best bars and restaurants that have ever been in the Mohawk Valley, from those who loved them dearly.


Remembering Old Central NY Bars & Restaurants

  • Sandy Phillips: "Tony’s Spragnas on Lenox. They were my favorite growing up."
  • Sharon Serianni: "The Waterfront, Yorkville/Utica the best ever. I often wish, even at my age, these type of places would make a comeback."
  • Linda Hill: "Albies on Schuyler St and The Bearded Dolphin on Mandeville St!"
  • Patti Schug: "The Pub in Herkimer. My home away from home! Lol"
  • Mary Beth Gurdo: "The Bogie behind Delmonico’s."
  • Shelley Skidmore: "S Kickers, Marcy where Troopers are now."
  • Holly Rippo: "The original McGills in North Utica."
  • James M. Greiner: "The Palmer House, Herkimer, NY."
  • Becky Covey: "The Weathervane where Babes is now."
  • Chris Gauthier: "Hook Line and Sinker in New Hartford."
  • Gabriella Crosby: "The BellyUp Pub in Herkimer. Summer Saturdays were the bomb! and Zebbs bar and grill on Seneca turnpike!"
  • Charlene Fessia: "Topspin on Lincoln Ave too."
  • John Joseph Goff: "Four Acres-Marcy."
  • Laurice Wilkinson: "Reggie's in Whitesboro. Had great fun there."
  • Sandra Rybka: "DuTrip in Whitesboro. Had many happy hours on Friday’s after work. Burned down years ago."
  • Amanda Jurkowski: "Ruby Tuesday @ Sangertown Mall."
  • Natalie Cataldo: "The Hollywood.....East Dominick St Rome NY."
  • Brian Hemming: "Purple Cow, route 20 between Sangerfield and Madison."
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