The Herkimer Police Department has issued a warning about a black bear sighting on Saturday morning in Herkimer.

Officers responded to a report of a black bear that was located and followed into Brookwood Park in the Village of Herkimer. If you see the bear, contact the Herkimer Police at 315-866-4330.

The person who had a security video of the black bear said his dogs were going nuts, and he heard the neighbors saying the cops were looking for it. He checked his security cameras, and sure enough there it was running up Bellinger Ave. He said it ran past his house and then down the other side of the neighbor's house and threw a lawn.

The DEC says black bears are rarely seen by most New Yorkers but can be found in semi-rural environments, agricultural areas, and occasionally in urban centers. Black bears are the second largest mammal in New York State. (The moose is the largest.) The average adult male weighs about 300 pounds, while females average about 170 pounds.

Here are some tips provided by the DEC to deter human and bear interactions that are dangerous for all involved. Bears learn from experience, and if an activity results in food, they'll repeat that action. If an encounter with a human is contrary, they'll avoid them, but if bears learn to obtain food from humans, they can become bold and aggressive. Remember feeding black bears is prohibited in New York.

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