After nearly 50 years in broadcasting, Bill Worden is ready to step down. The local legend who has anchored WKTV’s 6pm and 11pm newscasts since 1977, is retiring, and his last day with WKTV will be Thursday, November 29. 

Worden made the announcement last night (11/1) on NewsChannel 2 at Six.

In a statement issued by the NBC affiliate, Worden said he has enjoyed his run at WKTV, and he’s confident the station will continue to prosper:

“I treasure my years with WKTV and the people I’ve been honored to work with, including some of the original members of the station, who were still here when I started. But, it’s simply time to do this. Television has always been about change, and being willing to adapt to that change. That’s one thing that’s kept my career going all these years. WKTV is not just a television station; it’s an historic television station and will continue to set the standard for television in the Mohawk Valley for years to come.”

On the air Worden said he “will be leaving WKTV to pursue other interests”. Worden told viewers that he joined The Mark Bolos Band as a percussionist. By leaving TV news, Worden will be free to tour with the band. He says he’s also looking forward to trying his hand at internet radio. Here's a picture with Bill and the band:

Mark Bolos Band
Mark Bolos Band

Read more about Bill Worden retiring by Clicking Here.

We wish our great friend Bill Worden the best of luck.



[via CNYRadio]


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