Last night there was a single program that was all the rage and it wasn't even televised! Streaming live on YouTube, Bill Nye 'The Science Guy' took on Ken Ham 'The Creation Guy' in a 2 1/2 hour debate over which theory is the best explanation for our origins. Is it Creationism or is it Evolution? Here's the debate in it's entirety and then my thoughts below...


The views expresseed below are the opinion of Keith James and not necessarily those of WODZ/Townsquare Media

You would think that the opinion of this DJ, growing up in a Baptist minister's home might be Creationism all the way, and I'm also not going to side with Bill Nye either. I think the beliefs of both men require a huge leap of faith no matter how they cut it. None of us were there whether it was a few thousand years back of millions, so in the end we are all just guessing at best no matter what 'evidence' or better said 'clues' that they cited. I find it difficult to believe that the complexity that we are and that nature exhibits just accidentally happened out of practically nothing, but I also find it difficult to believe that the Biblical account exactly as is should be interpreted literally.

I understand that the two questions that have been hard-wired in to the brains of many people concern where we've come from and where we're going, but if we're focused on either or both of these I feel like we will miss the more important third question, what we're supposed to be doing while we're in the here and now. Nobody really knows what happened back then and nobody really knows where we're headed for sure, but we can control how we act every day that we're alive... It's okay to wonder I think, but highly educated people on both sides of the debate have devoted their entire lives to the study or our origins and the afterlife both and if they can't find any definitive answers really, what makes us think that WE will?

It's not the kind of truth that is undeniable because if it was, I would think that there would be no debate. I mean, you don't find anybody debating about whether gravity is real or not. It just IS. Like the wind, you can't see it but the evidence of it's existence is undeniable and if you tried to deny it, you'd just look really stupid. This creationism vs. evolution is different because it's philosophical and just the fact that there IS a debate means that it's not as conclusive as each side would like to believe.

However, like most debates, the winner is almost always the guy who talks the most eloquently, smoothly and decisively and while Ken defended his beliefs with everything he had and most Christians likely felt empowered by his speech, Bill Nye was simply the better SPEAKER, so I don't think I'm alone in declaring him the victor, although my 'evidence' of this is largely circumstantial as viewed through my glasses. Put your glasses on and share what YOU think below...


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