Some Amazon Prime Members are experiencing a new phishing scam that targets users through emails very similar to an Amazon correspondence.

Who participated in Amazon's Prime Day in July? Well, if you did, then you're a "prime target." Bogus e-mails are reaching inboxes, including Cindy's, sending suggestions to purchase items related to your search history or offering you a $50.00 bonus for writing a review. Once you're in the forged site, they'll request your username and password, maybe asking you to update your payment information or even confirm an order you never placed.

Amazon says if the "from" line of the e-mail contains an Internet Service Provider (ISP) other than, then it's a fraudulent e-mail. interviewed consumer technology expert Kim Komando, and she says if you've received one of these spam emails, do not click on it. You should immediately check your information on the Amazon Payment website, and then contact them at with information about the email you received. Of course, you should delete the email immediately after notifying Amazon.

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