Despite the funny picture, this is no joke. Apparently it's time to beware the muskie...right here in and around Central New York.

In Winnipeg, Canada recently a muskie dragged a woman underwater. Kim Driver and her husband Terry told the story to Global News. She was just wading in water adjacent to a dock when the fish chomped onto her leg and pulled her under. Family and friends rushed to her aid, and the fish let go after a few seconds. Here's a picture of a real one:


Driver had to go to the hospital for an emergency room visit and is awaiting a plastic surgery date.

Muskies are plentiful in the St. Lawrence River, the Susquehanna River, Lake Ontario and many other fresh waters of New York State. And the largest species of Pike can often reach lengths of up to 50 inches in adulthood. In fact, the all-time record muskie was 60 inches long and tipped the scales at 67 pounds.

Muskellunge, or 'muskies,' are the largest freshwater sportfish in New York State and are considered the ultimate trophy by anglers who pursue them.

Incidents of attacks are rare, but have occurred, usually when a person is dangling his or feet in the water off of a boat or dock.

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