Monday or Friday, Friday or Monday, if you are like other workers chances are you are already planning ahead on what days you are going to take off from work for a vacation.

One of the best feelings as an adult is the three-day weekend. Most times you get the three-day weekend due to a holiday but if you are like me, you plan your own three-day weekends through the year instead of a full week or two weeks off.

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So if you are getting ready for a three-day weekend and not sure what day you should take off Friday or Monday, here is the answer.


Yep, if you are planning on taking a day off to make a three-day weekend, Monday is the take you want to take off. Here is the reason why.

When you take off on Friday, you are at work for the whole week prior so your boss and co-workers will expect you to do all the work that you would off needed to get done on Friday done by Thursday. That way they won't be overloaded with the work that you didn't complete. This can be very stressful and you end up doing five days of work in four days.

Now if you take off Monday, you are coming back to a clean slate. You don't know what assignments or work needs to get done for that week. So on Tuesday, you are in catch-up mode, and chances are all the Monday work that needed to get done got done by your co-workers or bosses. Most times, when you take Monday off, you end up doing four days of work in four days.

Of course, sometimes this is the case, but a lot of times it is and that is why it makes sense to have Mondays off when you are planning a three-day weekend.

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