PLAY BALL!!! When you hear that it's also time to scope out the menu at the ballpark. It's not just peanuts popcorn and cracker jacks any more. Our taste buds have evolved. We now crave foot long corn dogs, 8lb burgers and a grilled cheese with 9 different kinds of cheese.

Shane Shaw/TSM

Craft beer at the ball field? Yup. Batting helmets full of nachos? Yup. Ribs and meatball subs? Yup and yup. Deep fried S’mOreos? Yes.  You will be amazed at what they are serving up this year.

I love the atmosphere of just about any ballpark. I love to play ball (softball) so it's always a good time. The unique food and beer make it even more fun. I try not to think about how overpriced it is.

To find how your favorite teams menu did go to thrillist. They have ranked every major league baseball stadium by it's food.

Let me know in the comments below. Better yet send me some pics of your favorite menu items at the ballpark or even local ballparks. I used to feed my kids dinner at the field when they had a little league game. I bet you do too.