This year is the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War. Many historic landmarks like Gettysburg, and Richmond Virginia will honor the war. Here's a semi tasty we plan on honoring it, by drinking. A brewery in Maryland is rolling out beer made with recipes from the Civil War era. Enjoy beer from the Civil War and here's how. 

Monocacy Brewing Company bottled its first batch of Antietam Ale in late September and expects to add eight more varieties to commemorate the big anniversary. Now they aren't just brewing random recipes, these are the beers they drank in the war. The National Museum of Civil War Medicine did the research and came up with a variety of historic recipes for the brewery to use.

The label says, in part, “It is fitting for Antietam Ale to be a classic English bitter. The battle caused England to abandon its plan for mediation between the North and the South. As opposed to unwelcome mediation, this ale is well balanced and has a light hop and malty aroma. Ruby red in color and true to Civil War beers, it is lower in alcohol so more can be enjoyed.”

The ale is said to be balanced with a light hop and malty aroma. It’s ruby red in color, and has a lower alcohol content.



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